Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Snow Snow and $

So I haven't been able to go to my class at the Y in two weeks as it has been snowing and the roads have been bad. School may be canceled tomorrow, hopefully.

I have also been trying to make money using my internet and taking surveys for .10-.50c a pop earning me about 3-6$ a day. It's not a lot of money but it will be ok until I'm able to get a part time job. I have already found events at the school that give out free food and that will lesson my burden of buying food.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sleep and Roommates...

   As of today I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep in the past two weeks. One of my suite mates seems to always have people around her, she can't be alone and if she is she will seek out her friends. Within 5 minutes of one of her friends leaving she calls or texts a new one to come. From 11:30am-1:30 or 2 am she has people over or is waiting for people to come over. How can you function if your around people for a vast amount of your day?
   Her friends also seem incapable of not slamming the door, waiting for a parking space (two have gone the wrong way on a one way road to take the parking space I was waiting for), or being quiet at any point. Her friends are also rich and cannot comprehend why spending 180$ on a backpack, that they never use, is not a good use of money. 180$ is all of my expenses except for school and housing for over 2 months. She also gets $4 Starbucks coffee every day because her parents are paying for it, I didn't even get an allowance much less a weekly coffee allowance. She thinks she will move to Nashville and have everything laid out for her I don't think she would be able to handle not having her $4 coffee and 3x a week meals at a restaurant. She talks about going to travel to NYC for a weekend as a fun valentines day but there is no way that will cost less than $2000.
   Things will be very hard for her since she thinks it is normal behavior to take expensive weekend trips, buy expensive things she never uses, and spends frivolously. We will see this spring break when the missions trip goes to Nashville, where she thinks shes going to move to, and sees that not everyone has what she thinks are basic needs.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Fat Activism Craze and The Stupidest thing I ever Heard

While on my daily internet checking games, news, and the like I reached a section I have never really seen before "Fat Activism" it is not the kind of thing I get into nor will it. These women mostly morbidly obese, like me, claim that there are no side effects of being morbidly obese and actually advocate staying that way. Apparently they advocate changing media to show not only healthy people but obese people to make it seem more normal, especially to young children. It seems to be a faction of feminism and incorporates a lot of the LGBT community but mostly the LB part. It also seems to be mostly middle class women and fairly white though in the forums and blogs I did see black women coming in second and only one or two Asian women among them. It seems like these people have too much time on their hands and have resorted to going on about how their size is normal and carries little if no health risks. They claim that the medical community is biased against fat people unfairly and that is why the doctors and researchers link obesity with diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. They link it to obese people because there is a valid link to those diseases the more you weigh the more your risk of the diseases goes up I don't think many of these people are actually able to acknowledge that they are being unhealthy.

You don't have to be 70 lbs because that isn't healthy but how can these people say 300 or 400 lbs is healthy? If any of these people took even a rudimentary health or nutrition class, even biology, they will see that joints are not equipped to handle that much weight and the heart is put under considerable pressures at an elevated weight. What scares me is that these people have finished high school and gone to college and still believe that fat is as healthy as being 120lbs.

 It's almost as bad as my college roommate two semesters ago, a senior fyi, who thought that Native Americans, that I had to explain to her was like the Redskins football mascot or Pocahontas, "didn't exist anymore" or were just "like fairies" which is to this day the stupidest thing I have ever heard. My response was to stare at her like she was an idiot and say in a high voice "Who do you think lived here before white people?" her answer was that the world was 6000 years old and that no one lived in America before Columbus. Apparently the fact that Native Americans, Aborigines, and Pacific Islanders existed goes against her world view because how did they get to remote places and establish themselves in less than 2000 years. But to her credit, or discredit, she didn't believe in evolution, radioactive half-live decay, or that there were slaves still in the world much less the U.S. So she wouldn't believe that there were people in North America before this 1492 date giving no credit to the vikings who were here 492 years before in 1000ad. She also believed that dinosaurs were alive when people were alive because "God made every creature in two days." and that they were around when the pyramids were built. Ahh the merits of a conservative evangelical education. Actually fat activists are misinformed but nowhere near this stupid... by a long shot

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Recipe for a Good Late Night Smoothie

Late night as in 9:30...

2 Bananas
1c. Chocolate Soy Milk
1/4 c. Oats
1tsp. Peanut Butter Powder
2tsp. Cocoa powder
1/2c. Kale
1 tbsp. Agave syrup or other sweetener

What I do is put the bananas, agave syrup, and soy milk into a blender and blend till smooth. I add the oats next and blend before adding the kale and powders and blend until the kale is in little bits and the powders are well mixed.

You can also freeze this to make a nice sorbet just remember to mix it once every hour or so so it can get creamy and not freeze rock solid. I'm sure you could add berries or nuts to make it even creamer if your blender is up to it and I will swear that you cannot even taste the kale.


So today is laundry day and I went down to the little room where they have 5 washers and 6 dryers. All the washers were filled so I waited for 10 mins. After the ten minutes were over I put someone's wet clothes that had obviously been there for over an hour(!), as the washer had reset to default setting, on the laundry room counter and put my clothes in. I than set the timer on my phone to 27 mins to get there before the 30 min cycle was up. So later after watching a video and eating some mac and cheese I come down when the timer rings. Someone had opened my washer with 7 mins left and the washer next to mine with 15 mins left. If you leave your wash in for more than 10 mins not to mention an hour you should have your clothes taken out as there are over 200 people sharing 5 washers. These washers have a timer on them and everyone has a phone so set the timer and get your shit when it's ready. As I am sitting here there are clothes in the washers that have been done for over an hour. These people should lose washer privileges and have to go to a laundromat because if you can't do  simple things properly when it's free than you should have to pay and maybe that'll teach them.  Also maybe the washer opening girl won't only wash 3 dish towels and a bra at a time because WTF who only launders four items at a time?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Two things that really piss me off...(Update)

The first thing is the university's health center the new students moved in the 9th, the health center said it would open the 19th of January as the website still says. We got an email on the 16th saying it would open on the 26th due to some changes etc. So I go today to see the nurse practitioner and she will not be in till Thursday which nobody in the office knew as the hours say she should be in on Mondays 12-4pm. Why can't the health center get it's stuff together and either post the correct hours or say that they won't be open on certain days but they don't know what days. This is a environment that is suppose to teach us about the world beyond and this University can't even get the schedule consistent.
Update: It finally opened the 9th of February, a full month after students moved in.

The second thing is that people don't know how to use elevators it seems none of them have ever used an elevator. When you try to get on an elevator you are suppose to let the people on the elevator off before you try and get on. Every time I use the elevator someone tries to barrel thru me to get on before I have gotten off the elevator. This is not some new invention there have been elevators of some type for over two thousand years and modern ones for almost two hundred you should know how to use one properly.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

So I haven't posted in a while...

I haven't posted in a few weeks due to being sick,  that's the punishment you get from living in a building with a few hundred other girls... Anyway I have lost 19 lbs and  my BMI is down to 44.9. I have been eating right and have averaged 1851 calories a day. I have been watching what I eat and log it every day. Since I have been sick with pneumonia I haven't been able to really exercise like I would want to though this is the start of a new week. I am going to be getting up at 5:00am going to the buildings gym, walking to class instead of driving there, and joining a gym (One Life fitness in Greenbrier). I have also been toying with the idea of going to a nutritionist as my blood test that I got earlier today seems to put me healthier than I thought I'd be but not as healthy as I'd like (I need to get my sodium and blood sugar down. They are at normal levels but on the upper end of normal.) I also need to see if there is a place where I can swim, the hotel/spa on campus (weird I know) has a pool and I'm going to see if they have a pass to use it as the Y would have me cross a main road where the sidewalk is well unwalkable having a nearly 2 ft incline in the middle of the busy road. I have also been taking the stairs more often, only down not up as the mucus in my throat builds up to much walking up.