Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nyx got some tech

So this is the first of two posts. I've gotten two things that I would like to share with you. One of those is the boogie board ewriter.
 It happens to be the cyan thing on the bottom right near my little Dell. It can take notes and I will be using it for a while. You can also see my computer a Macbook Pro which is missing the L key and my new $6 keyboard so I can sit back and type things with better posture, and some of my other things on my desk. I keep all the cables and things in the drawers or on the wall with hooks. Usually my phone is on the pink Hello Kitty desk mat but as I used it to take the picture it is not there. On the computer is Youtube. My little dell is what I use for Netflix and interestingly some games as it plays things like Simcity better than the Mac.
  The next post will be about a tablet my parents got me. Yes it's 2015 and I'm finally getting a tablet a little late but not too late. In the technology adoption model or actual tech I would be a late adopter, For games I am an early adopter go figure. Other things I am usually a late adopter or a laggard. I never got a iPod or Mp3player and never switched primarily to CD's and still used tapes until last year in my car.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A New Game...Maybe

 So I have been waiting on a game Meriwether: An American Epic, from Kickstarter for years now. The game was funded January 2013 and still isn't out. It was due to be released in November 2013. They released beta on January 31, 2015 so they are a bit behind. It is supposed to be like Oregon Trail a bit but with the Lewes & Clark Expedition. I was thinking it was a good game to back but now I'm thinking not so much. Over 2 years from the funding it seems like it is building up expectations that it can't meet. 
 Until the game comes out I'm not going to be posting any lets plays (which I hope Sortasoft LLC the makers of Meriwether will allow me to do) much about games which is a major part of what I do day to day between classes and work.
 As I have a Macbook Pro and not a gaming computer or any kind of computer that can play online games well like TF2 or steam games in general I have been playing Rimworld, the old standby Minecraft, Goodgame Empire, and Minicraft made by Notch for the Ludum Dare in 2011. I see a real hole in the market of new games for macs and old computers which is to be expected. I would make games but I have no experience in it sadly.
   Thinking back to the first computer games I played Amazon Trail 3rd Edition, Bibleman the video game (a gift from my super-evangelical christian grandparents), and Freddy the fish I think the playability of games has gotten much longer but I still think that the price of them is becoming steep. I have to eat I can't just play video games all day unless I get popular which is a long shot. I may take a coding for kids class this summer so we'll see if I can beat some kids at making a Minecraft mod. Damn these children learning to code at age 8 I wasn't even on the internet till I was 13. Kids...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bad Blood...Fail of a Spring Break

   So I went to donate blood again not at a Red Cross blood drive but my local Blood Bank of Delmarva. I passed all the tests and drank water and juice before and during the appointment. Once I pass everything, the tech they have is off it said my pulse was 102 at first, I go to a chair and they call me up. So now I'm thinking I am going to be able to give blood and make my yearly contribution to the blood bank. Nope... They missed the vein and couldn't stick me again... I'm starting to think that I'm not suppose to give blood at all with the bad luck I've been having. Unlike the Red Cross though the nurses knew what they were talking about. So I'm deferred for over 50 days even though they didn't get any blood at all. Oh well the BBD gave me a T-Shirt and I got snacks for showing up and trying.

   Now about my spring break it's March 12 and it is nearing the end of my spring break and I have to go back to school on Monday the 16th when classes start. Why does Regent University have spring break so early you ask? So that the students won't go down and party with everyone else and that there is no break in the semester... like everyone else.

  It seems that the school is trying to keep us locked up with only other Evangelicals. For instance my teacher is making me persuade against a major facet of Catholicism and one of the other Catholic girls has to argue for adult baptism rather than infant baptism. This teacher has not once let us pick out own topics as things have to be controversial but not overdone. Apparently it's controversial to be a Catholic and not a non-denominational evangelical. It's going to be a long year...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Outfit Post #1

So today I am feeling amazing I don't know why, here are some outfits.

So here is me in all my glory :D. For some reason in the sunlight my eyes seem very very blue but in artificial light or when I wear black eyeliner they look grey. The whiteness is mainly due to the fact that I don't go out in the sun much. #2 is my favorite outfit the skirt is one I got years ago and rarely wear due to the fact that it is knee length and I prefer long skirts. I do like the pattern and you may be able to see that it is a wrap skirt with a rounded edge where it wraps. #3 is what I wore today. I like my dress shirt and need to get a few more. I plan on buying a plain dress like the Amish wear though flared instead of pleated. I have decided to form a type of uniform out of my clothing so that I can easily pick a skirt or pants, shirt, and sweater or jacket easily. This will be especially useful if and when I find a job.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blood Drive... Red Cross Sucks

So I schedule an appointment at my schools blood drive with the Red Cross simple right. The Red Cross people's computers didn't work and I had to wait an hour. Three people left before they even tried as they made appointments and had other things to do today. I was also told that I should donate double red, come to find out I was too short. The room was cold and my hands were freezing which resulted in a low iron lvl, I know this because once my hands warmed up closer to normal temperature I got a better reading. The "nurse" also didn't know if 120/80 was a high blood pressure when I asked her about it. My temperature was 97.1 which was due to being out in the freezing cold and the low room temperature, the "nurse" should have seen that when she felt my hands and had let me put them in my pockets or something to get back to normal temperature.  Why does this school decide to make a huge glass room? I don't know. Then why do they then keep putting all events in this cold glass room? I dunno Why do they have staff that can't tell you basic health information? Beats me

So I wasted over an hour to be told "you're deferred today but you can try to donate tomorrow." over a low iron lvl of .2 but you know what I'm not going to try tomorrow you have messed up things for the last time. I saw the information they had put in for me on the sheet. The Red Cross staff from last time I donated got my email, phone number, address, and ethnicity wrong. The women today couldn't see that my address was not the zip code than street but street number than street, and didn't get why I told her that a city she had down for my zip wasn't a city and if you send mail there it will be returned. She also had her phone out and put it on the table in the middle of the appointment. For all the money Red Cross makes, an excess of over 55 million last year, you'd think they can hire some actual nurses that can answer basic medical questions.

This after my local Red Cross chapter in Delaware called out for local disaster relief and the woman conducting the interview brought her two small children with her. I am not surprised that NPR's report on them was negative as I am on the outside looking in and I can easily see mistakes. They need to focus on one thing if that is disaster response than focus on that if it's blood drives focus on that. It seems like they have a hand in every basket and never manage to grab anything. Also stop spending so much money on commercials and fundraising and focus on core issues.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Snow Snow and $

So I haven't been able to go to my class at the Y in two weeks as it has been snowing and the roads have been bad. School may be canceled tomorrow, hopefully.

I have also been trying to make money using my internet and taking surveys for .10-.50c a pop earning me about 3-6$ a day. It's not a lot of money but it will be OK until I'm able to get a part time job. I have already found events at the school that give out free food and that will lesson my burden of buying food.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sleep and Roommates...

   As of today I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep in the past two weeks. One of my suite mates seems to always have people around her, she can't be alone and if she is she will seek out her friends. Within 5 minutes of one of her friends leaving she calls or texts a new one to come. From 11:30am-1:30 or 2 am she has people over or is waiting for people to come over. How can you function if your around people for a vast amount of your day?
 Her friends also seem incapable of not slamming the door, waiting for a parking space (two have gone the wrong way on a one way road to take the parking space I was waiting for), or being quiet at any point. Her friends are also rich and cannot comprehend why spending 180$ on a backpack, that they never use, is not a good use of money. 180$ is all of my expenses except for tuition and housing for over 2 months. She also gets $4 Starbucks coffee every day because her parents are paying for it, I didn't even get an allowance much less a weekly coffee allowance. She thinks she will move to Nashville and have everything laid out for her I don't think she would be able to handle not having her $4 coffee and 3x a week meals at a restaurant. She talks about going to travel to NYC for a weekend as a fun valentines day but there is no way that will cost less than $2000.
 Things will be very hard for her since she thinks it is normal behavior to take expensive weekend trips, buy expensive things she never uses, and spends frivolously. We will see this spring break when the missions trip goes to Nashville, where she thinks shes going to move to, and sees that not everyone has what she thinks are basic needs.