Monday, January 26, 2015

Two things that really piss me off...

The first thing is the university's health center the new students moved in the 9th, the health center said it would open the 19th of January as the website still says. We got an email on the 16th saying it would open on the 26th due to some changes etc. So I go today to see the nurse practitioner and she will not be in till Thursday which nobody in the office knew as the hours say she should be in on Mondays 12-4pm. Why can't the health center get it's shit together and either post the correct hours or say that they won't be open on certain days but they don't know what days. This is a environment that is suppose to teach us about the world beyond and this University can't even get their schedule consistent.

The second thing is that people don't know how to use elevators it seems none of them have ever used an elevator. When you try to get on an elevator you are suppose to let the people on the elevator off before you try and get on. Every time I use the elevator someone tries to barrel thru me to get on before I have gotten off the elevator. This is not some new invention there have been elevators of some type for over two thousand years and modern ones for almost two hundred you should know how to use one properly.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

So I haven't posted in a while...

I haven't posted in a few weeks due to being sick,  that's the punishment you get from living in a building with a few hundred other girls... Anyway I have lost 19 lbs and  my BMI is down to 44.9. I have been eating right and have averaged 1851 calories a day. I have been watching what I eat and log it every day. Since I have been sick with pneumonia I haven't been able to really exercise like I would want to though this is the start of a new week. I am going to be getting up at 5:00am going to the buildings gym, walking to class instead of driving there, and joining a gym (One Life fitness in Greenbrier). I have also been toying with the idea of going to a nutritionist as my blood test that I got earlier today seems to put me healthier than I thought I'd be but not as healthy as I'd like (I need to get my sodium and blood sugar down. They are at normal levels but on the upper end of normal.) I also need to see if there is a place where I can swim, the hotel/spa on campus (weird I know) has a pool and I'm going to see if they have a pass to use it as the Y would have me cross a main road where the sidewalk is well unwalkable having a nearly 2 ft incline in the middle of the busy road. I have also been taking the stairs more often, only down not up as the mucus in my throat builds up to much walking up.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Calorie and Water Needs

    I have calculated my water and food needs and it isn't as restrictive as I thought. I need 110 oz of water (or other liquids) a day and 2200 calories to lose weight. I have taken to using the SuperTracker from the USDA it's free and tracks both diet and exercise. It has a log of foods that you can pick to make a meal and see the total calories, empty calories, sodium, saturated fat, and oils.
    I leave for school on the 9th and have already found a studio to do yoga and Pilates. I have also found a gym for swimming and other exercises. As all but one of my classes are online I have a lot of free time to devote to cooking, cleaning and exercise.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Welcome To The Blog

   I know that there are no people looking at this blog from the start but I still wanted to make a little introduction. :)
   This blog will be about my struggles and triumphs about losing weight in an environment that isn't necessarily kind to healthy eating... college. I am lucky to be going to an area that is full of grocery stores both regular, health, and various specialty ethnic stores (it's Virginia Beach, VA so a lot of Filipino grocery stores). I am also lucky to have a gym facility on campus, it's small but it'll do, and a kitchen in my apartment that I share with three other girls.
   Now to tell you about myself, I am 21 almost 22 and 255lbs at 5'2" my BMI is 46.6 which is obese. I have no health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, or any kind of food intolerance related to weight that would effect my eating habits. I do have asthma but that is due to something else I've had it since I was a baby and it is no longer as bad as it was. I don't stop breathing at night from it like I did when I was a toddler.
   I have been fat almost all my life, since I was about 5, my mother always made us meals that she said were healthy and we ate them because as kids you don't know better. Finally I am moving out and am able to cook for myself and go out with my mother telling me I'm going to get mugged or raped as soon as I go out somewhere without her or my dad. Ya she's that kind of mom...
   Now for what made me think I need to change and it will seem a bit odd to some of you but I was hungry in October and my mother had gotten a turkey on sale and made turkey salad, like chicken salad but with turkey, and I asked her to make me something healthy. She turned around and told me to eat some turkey salad on white bread and that was one of the the healthiest things to eat. That's when it hit me that my mom had no clue about health or healthy food or what I even like to eat. I don't like mayonnaise or turkey and the diet she serves to us is full of meat, lots of meat for protein. I gradually started buying good food like whole grains, fruit, vegetables other than potatoes and cauliflower, and ethic foods like mung bean noodles to sub out for white pasta or halva instead of too sugary sherbert or chocolate ice cream. I have also tried to cut out meats and dairy, my mother is Greek so this is like I'm trying to starve myself. ( I am planning to update this blog once a week or more if I find a good recipe.